Do You See as a Writer?

I took this photo last week when I went around town taking architectural photos. An eyesore if ever. But something made me snap this. Then planning Monday’s post I was thinking of seeing as a writer sees: seeing the things that are and aren’t there, the hidden stories in scenes, the things that make Story. I like to do image prompts, a daily writing exercise from whatever springs to mind from an image. This picture is as good as any to start with. DSCN1858dfWhat do you see in this picture? I’ll list what I see. A gaudy paint job in the midst of a neutrals only neighbourhood, paint discolouring from the sun and weather, graffiti on the side. An overgrown front yard, with a few stray cottage garden perennials still bravely growing fenced in blue picket. Missing soffits and a big black splotch on the canopy that now reads ‘taurant gallery.’ This much is obvious to any viewer.

Closer in is a door nailed shut and unreadable letters scratched in the yellow  near a peach doughnut shaped peephole. And top left–what’s that? A man cage near that other window? It’s too big to be a light fixture. What  is hiding behind those foggy windows? In those roof top gables? The neighborhood wild man? Does Frankenstein hang him in the cage at night to give the neighbours nightmares? And that canopy is a great hang out for bats that buzz around the wild man at night and make him frantic with hunger. He zapps them like a mosquito zapper if they get too close.

What else might a writer see in this place. Perhaps it’s an eccentric fellow’s paint factory. He’s trying to make eco-friendly paints with all natural dyes that don’t fade in the sun. He tests them himself on his own house. Every batch of new paint has to spend the night in the cage to cure in the moonlight.

Personally, I think its a free daycare. It’s painted bright sunny colours to show that children will receive bright sunny care, from a bright sunny lady. She lets bright sunny flowers grow randomly over a strange mound in the front garden, that gets higher every year. Occasionally bones poke out of it and in the dead of night she adds soil and seeds to it while humming bright sunny songs. And that  cage, once in a while it’s covered with a thick tarp and muffled noises come from there. But no one asks any questions.

Challenge: Take one of the following pictures and see what all you can see in it. Make a story or list it point form and remember, writing exercises are for fun–don’t take yourself too seriously or you’ll never fly! IMG_6699 file000126439062

Quips & Quotations 27

A new year means a new Thursday theme. 2015 will be about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.

This one comes from one of my favorite sites, Storypeople by Brian Andreas.

76912e99fee7951d83ed0916973f2df1I post this today, my birthday, as I hit the half century mark, in the hopes this story will today, as always, bring me a giggle and a smile to compensate my aging. :)


Winnipeg Window Dressing

All I can say is think of the work and artistry that went into these old buildings. And they’re still standing tall and proud. (We won’t, however, discuss their plumbing.)
DSCN1511 DSCN1658 DSCN1687 DSCN1692 DSCN1705 DSCN1710 DSCN1715 DSCN1719 DSCN1738 DSCN1778 DSCN1820 DSCN1825 DSCN1897 DSCN1937 DSCN1946


Quips & Quotations 26

A new year means a new Thursday theme. 2015 will be about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.



Lids of Winnipeg

More from my stroll through Winnipeg, Canada, last week. Lids. Some of the downtown buildings, I discovered, have beautiful lids, which is more than can be said of some of its people. ;) ;) ;)

I had a “foreigner” stop me as I strolled the streets with my camera, big floppy hat on my head, looking for all the world like a typical tourist. His head tilted he asked, “Are you from Winnipeg?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Born and raised?”

“Yes,” I answered again. Seeing his perplexity I added, “I just decided to take a closer look at my city.”

He smiled broadly, and wished me a very sincere, “Have a wonderful day then.”


St Boniface Cathedral


St Boniface University


Hotel Fort Garry


Golden Boy and compatriots atop the Legislative building


Land Titles Building


Law Courts Building


Government House


Next week: Winnipeg architectural details. It’s a beautiful city!


Bears on Broadway

I was taking in our lovely city this week and found myself in a park behind the legislative. Here’s what I found:

Bears on Broadway, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

No, NOT these Fluff Heads pictured here.


sPanoramaAnd here is their story:

“Bears on Broadway was CancerCare Manitoba Foundations unique way to celebrate their 75th anniversity, to create awareness, and to help raise fund

In 2005, 62 of these 7 foot tall concrete polar bears were placed on the beautiful tree lined median strip on Broadway Boulevard and were called Bears on Broadway.

Each 8000 lb bear had it’s own sponsor and it’s own artist.” See more of these beauties here:

PS. The Bears in the first picture are talented enough for the limelight, and anything but fluff heads. They are myself and my writing group, the Anita Factor, all of whom have a good sense of humour or I could never do this to them. :)