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Thursday Theme – 2015 is about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.



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Thursday Theme – 2015 is about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.


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Thursday Theme – 2015 is about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.d88deffea38c38c76098356039c8befe


Give Them Wings

Being a creative person, I get asked a lot, “How do you have such great ideas?”

There’s a few ways. I keep my eyes peeled. Not just at other people’s creativity, but at nature, patterns, colour combinations that please the eye, those that don’t—I observe people, places, things. And I listen too.

Yes it helps to have a natural bent towards creativity, but like anything, it can lay dormant, or be developed.adult-15814_640

One thing I have found true in both creative arts and creative writing, that ideas develop by doing. Again as with anything—practice-practice-practice.

Most projects I tackle, whether it’s sewing, or woodworking, or writing, start with a single idea, a vision, a spark. By the time I’m done, it has usually become quite different. Why?

In the doing, as I go along, I get more ideas because maybe a technical glitch has changed the vision, or I’ve come across something I hadn’t anticipated until I got right down to the details, and so I’ve adjusted the original plan to improve things, or as I fiddle with materials or words, I discover that if I use this instead of that then I can add the thingy to the whatsit and really make the project pop.drawing-board-670027_1280

Ideas occasionally fall from trees, but  they need to be fed to grow. One must toss them around, chew them up, spit them out, and rearrange. The perfect sewing project rarely exists. Often one must take in a pattern here and there to make it fit.

An architect can have a great idea for a house, but perhaps the property is too narrow. He has to shuffle it around, change the layout to get it to work.

When moving into a new home, we have to fit all our old furnishings into a completely different space and organize it sensibly. That also requires a type of creativity and some rethinking before we get it right.

So with writing. I have found that the best points and connections and subtleties in my stories come from being immersed in the writing, completely unplanned. somewhere deep inside, the subconscious mind takes all your knowledge and observations and feeds them where they’re needed if we give it the chance. If I never take that original idea and start brainstorming and working it like a baker kneads dough, I would never progress.cargo-jet-108882_1280

The world progresses on ideas that were just tiny sparks. Take your favorite ideas and be bold enough to give them wings..

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Thursday Theme – 2015 is about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.



Fear Factor

It was time to return to the seat of my 5 year old trauma, so long left unaddressed.

I took my camera in case I needed proof. Evidence. For what, I didn’t know. I played soothing music in my car all the way to the seat of the 45 year old crime.

Cruising down the winding road through Kildonan Park in broad daylight, flowers blooming, larks trilling, that fright I’d had all those years ago suddenly seemed childish, trivial, surreal. And as I found the sign, parked and stepped out of my car, camera in hand, I laughed.DSCN2412

There, tucked into trees and ferns and shrubs was the Grimm Brother’s Hansel & Gretel “Hexehaus” — the witch’s hut.

I walked all around in the quiet of the day. It was peaceful. An endearing round hut of stone with a pointed cedar shingle roof and decorated gingerbread tiles. I took a load of pictures. It was idyllic.

I could not believe I had once run out of this sweet Hexehaus shrieking my head off, traumatized by this.DSCN2496

An arched red door stood wide open and beckoned me inside.

The main floor showed a frieze all around the base of the slanted cone roof and depicted the story of Hansel and Gretel in phases. Tucked under the slope of the stairs, little Hansel stood behind willow branch bars, being slowly fattened up by the witch with rich food. But where is the witch? The culprit of my trauma?DSCN2460

I climbed up the spiral staircase and around the corner. Soft lights lit the way. Near the stair top I glimpses a scene. A 2 foot Gretel doll stood near a bed sweeping. Books and potions filled a shelf, an embroidered cushion lay on a chair, a stuffed cat and mouse on a work bench.DSCN2473

I took a few steps closer, and rounded the turn of the stairs and there–

Black hat, black cloak, ugly, warty face, so fake–and only 4 feet tall.

The witch stood over a glowing stove.  I had been frightened out of my wits when my parents took me here as a five year old. The witch, in my child’s mind’s eye had been at least 7 feet tall, larger than life, and scarier than hell. I snapped some more pictures. This would make a great blog post, I thought. I smiled at myself, at that little child I used to be. And at the younger adult I’d been and never taken my own children here. There was little I feared now. I could cross this off my list. A ghost laid to rest.DSCN2472

I slipped back out into the sun, sat in my car and turned the key. Checking the rear view mirror I turned into traffic and cruised with smiling thoughts.

Sleepy thoughts. Thoughts turning dark from a wispy, gradually solidifying, smoky mass that blocked my sight. I smelled something vile, I heard a cackle, felt a tingling crackle, and knew no more until I woke as the moon rose, in the cage—with Hansel.DSCN24kj16

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Thursday Theme – 2015 is about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.